Is this course for me?

This module is suitable for health care professionals who are involved in the direct delivery of healthcare in acute or non-acute settings or for those who are responsible for ensuring that patients receive a high quality and safe clinical service.

What will this course cover?

All healthcare professionals are expected to apply high standards of infection control in their work. This can be challenging in the increasingly complex systems for delivering healthcare and requires a sound knowledge of the underpinning principles. This module will develop understanding of the concepts of microbiology and epidemiology of healthcare associated infections, together with their application to effective risk assessment and decision making in relation to infection prevention. It will provide the opportunity to explore and critically evaluate the evidence for infection control practice; develop skills in the methodologies used to capture data on HCAI and their interpretation; and design strategies for promoting and sustaining effective infection prevention in practice.

Delivery mode

Case discussions, Group work, Lectures, Online learning, Tutorials, Workshops

Assessment mode



Relevant professional experience