This module explores in detail the evidence-base for nutrition and weight in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. There is a strong practical focus in the development of skills needed for safe and effective professional practice of dietary and weight management in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Brief outline of content

  • The worldwide scale and importance of nutrition and weight management on the public health problem of CVD
  • The aetiological role of nutrition and weight management in modifying risk factors including hyperlipidaemia, hypertension, central obesity and insulin resistance
  • Critical review of the theory and evidence base for role of diet in the aetiology of CVD
  • Evaluation of the evidence base for diet and weight management and its translation into practical strategies to reduce CVD
  • Assessment methods for diet and weight
  • Achieving dietary targets
  • Achieving weight management targets
  • Group based health promotion in nutrition and weight management
  • Food labeling workshops
  • Ethnicity and diet
  • Pharmacological therapies

Delivery mode

Group work, Lectures, Seminars

Assessment mode

Coursework, Oral assessment


Equivalent professional qualification, Undergraduate degree