This MSc course offers an integrated approach to the understanding of the nature of viruses and their role in disease pathogenesis, with an emphasis on the understanding of these processes at the molecular level.

Is this course for you?
The course provides excellent training for graduates intending to pursue a career in scientific research, but the many transferable skills gained during the course can also be applied to careers outside of science.

Career prospects: A high proportion of graduates proceed to PhD study, or, if medically qualified, to clinical practice or research. As well as scientific training, the course expands students’ knowledge of transferable skills, allowing them to enter a variety of other careers including, industry, finance, management and various types of consultancy.

Key benefits

  • To develop a deep understanding of viruses and processes involved in the interaction of viruses at the molecular level;
  • To provide a supportive learning environment;
  • To provide excellent training in laboratory and research skills;
  • To provide a solid foundation of research experience for those who intend to go on to study for a PhD;
  • To produce graduates equipped to pursue careers in academic or industrial research;

Delivery mode

Lectures, Practical training, Tutorials

Assessment mode

Coursework, Essays, Examination, Project Dissertation and Viva Voce


Undergraduate degree