Two streams are available for this course.  Echocardiography and Vascular.  Only one stream can be selected.

The course is one year full-time or part time over two years (part time vascular only) course aims to provide clinicians and medical scientists with intensive training in both the theoretical basis of medical ultrasound and the required scanning and diagnostic skills in the various specialties.

The programme is both academic and vocational in nature. It aims to produce students who can use research and development skills in order to develop the field of Medical Ultrasound.

This course is widely recognised as an important qualification for people intending to pursue a career in Medical Ultrasound. Every year, a high proportion of the students go on to study for an MD(Res) or PhD.

Most of the medically qualified students return to clinical practice, where the MSc provides a solid background for further research. Others have gone into a wide range of careers, including specialised sonographers, physiologists, and other healthcare professionals in the NHS or abroad.


Delivery mode

Lectures, Practical training, Tutorials, Workshops

Assessment mode

Examination, Project Dissertation and Viva Voce


Undergraduate degree