Is this course for me?

Yes, if you are:

  • Interested in extending your knowledge and skills in caring for patients with cancer.
  • Keen to improve your understanding of the issues faced by patients with a diagnosis of cancer.
  • Working in a clinical area that offers regular contact with patients who have cancer.
  • Committed to developing your professional portfolio.

What will this course cover?

The course will cover:

  • The philosophy of cancer care
  • The scientific basis of cancer: epidemiology, aetiology, carcinogenesis, the genetic basis of cancer
  • Cancer prevention and early detection
  • Screening, investigations, staging and diagnosis
  • Disease trajectories
  • Site specific cancers and metastatic disease
  • The social, psychological , emotional, spiritual and cultural context of cancer care
  • Treatment modalities to include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapies, biological therapies and complementary therapies
  • Current trends in cancer management and health promotion
  • Evidence based practice and cancer related clinical studies
  • Oncological emergencies e.g. neutropenic sepsis, spinal cord compression, SVCO etc.
  • Rehabilitation and survivorship
  • Contemporary issues: e.g. the expert patient, community vs hospital care, cancer inequalities in the NHS
  • Health policy and Cancer NHS reform.

Delivery mode

Case discussions, Lectures, Online learning

Assessment mode



Relevant professional experience