The Personalised Healthcare stream provides world-class training in research at the interface between clinical and basic science. The stream aims to equip the next generation of researchers in biomedicine with the necessary research skills and professional awareness required to deliver the goal of improved human health by personalising therapy.

The emphasis is on the use of molecular approaches to understand and predict individual variability in disease risk, pathological progression and benefit from therapeutic intervention.

Based in the Department of Surgery & Cancer the stream is a unique opportunity to interact with, and receive training from, leading clinical and laboratory scientists.

This course will provide research training in fundamental biochemical techniques but will also emphasise cutting-edge technologies for molecular profiling (e.g. transcriptomics, proteomics and metabonomics), biomarker and drug target discovery, pharmacology and drug metabolism, systems biology, bioinformatics, and the translation of laboratory findings or techniques into the clinical research environment.

Training will be research-based but will also contain some theoretical elements and will expose students to the latest developments in the field through case studies and a series of technical workshops. Students will gain experience in applying technologically advanced approaches to biomedical research questions.

Delivery mode

Lectures, Practical training, Research projects, Tutorials, Workshops

Assessment mode

Critical evaluation of research, Project Dissertation and Viva Voce


Equivalent professional qualification, Undergraduate degree